Watercooled Gaming PC – Single Loop Simplicity

Tubing layout testing

Tubing layout testing

This is one of the more recent water cooled PCs that I have tackled. I designed and built this rig from the ground up myself. The customer specified a budget and since he was a long-standing customer he said that he trusted me to build something special, leaving me to my own devices. Definitely a rare treat to build something like this with a large budget.

I started by choosing the tower case itself. The decision was eventually made based on some video reviews regarding water-friendly PC cases. I then planned a rough idea for the motherboard, graphics card and the required water cooling components. I then used Photoshop to composite a rough image of the finished product with all components in place, planning out the required tubing, fittings, waterblocks and the measurements thereof.

I adopted a very methodical approach to the build, taking my time to plan in advance. The customer already had a powerful machine to use in the meantime, so time was not a major issue. I tested all components using the supplied air-cooling solutions before removing them and installing the water blocks. This made sure that the system booted properly before getting to grips with modifications. The build went mostly to plan, following my earlier sketch almost perfectly. Some slight changes had to be made to tubing location to prevent kinking but otherwise everything fitted first time.

The final single-loop setup looked very clean and tidy with easy access to all components. The temperatures were tested by running benchmarks and intensive games. There were very few leaks that required solving with some minor fitting adjustments. Overall the machine performed fantastically and the customer has been happy with it ever since getting it home.

The finished product was extremely heavy for a tower PC, weighing over 30Kgs. This called for some careful maneuvering when it came time to delivering it to the customers car.