Star Trek: Gul Dukat

Render taken from the Mudbox viewport

Render taken from the Mudbox viewport

One of my more complete sculpting ‘doodles’ is this bust of Gul Dukat, a character from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I had always found the makeup of the Star Trek series very interesting, with strange aliens (with even stranger foreheads). Gul Dukat really stuck out as a strong character so I decided to attempt him as a sculpting practice.

After watching the show itself and finding some reference pictures online I started sculpting using Mudbox’s default ‘human head’ mesh as a base. This was a passion project that I jumped back into to relax in the evenings.

During this project I developed a lot of texturing skills, using multiple different maps to create more realistic textures. Many months later I found myself shocked as an accurate portrait of the character began to emerge, brush by brush.

I am incredibly pleased with this piece, even many years later it has proven to be one of my favourite projects.