Set Up and Grow

The final WordPress-powered build handed over to the client in 2015

The final WordPress-powered build handed over to the client in 2015

During a quiet time as a freelance 3D modeller I had created my online portfolio, a much earlier version of this current site. I had learnt the basics of PHP and MySQL to build myself a content management system to display my work. I was then commissioned to work on a similar system for a client. This website needed to be editable by the user, offering blog-style pages whilst have a member’s area for special paid content.

I worked on this website for several years, incrementally adding features and adjusting layouts as needed. The first version was basic but secure, giving administrators control over users and content. I then integrated a system called ‘aMember’ which allowed more detailed control of content and plugins for member payment. This required learning the Paypal API and it’s communications with the site in PHP.

This incarnation of the page last a few years before a redesign was called for. The client had found a system which they wanted to implement without changing the general look or feel of the website itself. This was a WordPress-based plugin which would give writers a user-friendly way to edit and publish articles whilst offering its own payment systems. I created a new site separately from the original and created a WordPress template based on the old layout and features. This required some advanced modifications and creations of new widgets.

Many tweaks, fixes and editions later and the site was fully self-sustaining, allowing the client to edit the templates, change widgets and publish content easily without worrying about technical issues.