My Biggest PC Build – Corsair Case

Corsair 900D next to my MIDI-sized Antec 900

Corsair 900D next to my standard MIDI-sized Antec 900

On a work day like any other I received an odd request from a long time customer: “Build me the biggest PC you can”. After some questioning I discovered that he wanted a PC that not only looked impressive but would give lots of upgrade options in the future.

After having some great results with Corsair cases I remembered watching a video about the Corsair 900D, a huge PC case made for customisation and water-cooling I designed the PC, confirmed my choices with the customer and set about building my biggest and most powerful machine to date.

The build itself was a standard high-end desktop PC but with a slight twist – it was to be used for music mixing and recording which meant that it had to be near silent. Watercooling would actually create too much vibration and low frequency hum so we decided on lots of fans running at low speeds. The final result was a completely silent high-performance PC that would grab anyone’s attention.