Mobile Repairs – Fixing Poor Work

New battery (left), previous 'new' battery (right)

New battery (left), previous ‘new’ battery (right)

Some mobile phones that came to me for repairs had been worked on previously by other people. Much of the work was fine but a handful of these ‘repairs’ were so shocking that they necessitated extra work before the new issue could be fixed. Whether it was lack of knowledge or incorrect tools, some of these ‘botch-jobs’ were the most interesting problems I have tackled.

The example on the right is taken from an iPhone that came to me needed a new screen and digitizer. On opening the phone I discovered a misshapen and dangerous-looking battery. The customer told me that the phone had been ‘repaired’ in Turkey after she dropped it whilst on holiday and it needed a new screen. Whilst replacing the screen this ‘repair centre’ decided that she needed a new battery (probably not the case) and installed the one shown on the right of the picture. This battery seemed to have been pried from an older phone using a screwdriver and a lot of brute force – a very dangerous thing to do with a lithium battery. A breach in the casing can lead to a meltdown, causing rapid degassing and the possibility of explosion.

I took numerous photos, informed the customer and after receiving confirmation to go ahead, replaced the offending battery with an actual new one, as well as replacing numerous missing screws and metal shielding.