iPad and Tablet Repairs

Glass breakage from a minor drop

Glass breakage from a minor drop, heat gun on standby to keep the adhesives warm

Since their release changed the face of mobile computing, the iPad (amongst other tablets) has been a regular patient of mine over the years. They are often shared by a household or taken on trips and suffer from the same issues as mobile phones and ice creams – being dropped. This often shatters the outer glass layer (digitizer) in front of the screen display.

This is a much more difficult repair than on a laptop screen due to iPads being held together with incredibly strong adhesive rather than screws and clips. This requires the use of heat to soften the glues and gentle prying to coax the broken digitizer away from the tablet’s main chassis. This was a daunting and time-consuming process at first but IĀ improved with the development of new techniques over the years. Just knowing just the right amount of force and heat to use goes a long way in successfully sorting these issues on a daily basis.