Watercooled Gaming PC – Dual Loop

In progress - cabling and hose chaos

In progress – cabling and hose chaos

By far the most complex PC build I have ever taken part in. It was also my first exposure to water cooled PCs, a real jump into the deep end!

The customer came to us with a budget for ‘the fastest machine you can build’. He also told us that his previous gaming PC, build elsewhere, had eventually failed due to heat issues. Because of this, he wanted the successor to be water-cooled and super-reliable.

My colleague and I put our heads together and after some research on enthusiast forums, came up with a dual-loop system that would cool the twin graphics cards separately from the CPU. This would reduce the impact of blockages, increase flow and overall water mass.

The motherboard, CPU, graphics card, RAM, PSU and watercooling components were all the best that money could buy at that time, no expense was spared. We chose industrial high-pressure fittings for the water-loop, hoping to prevent leaks and improve reliability.

Since the machine was our first real run-in with watercooling there were many hiccups along the way, but ultimately after many solved leaks, the machine was running smoothly and quietly. During benchmarks the machine achieved the most impressive temperatures I have ever seen to date. With the CPU and both graphics cards under full load, the temperatures barely hit 35 C. The end result doesn’t look like a conventional masterpiece but it’s performance and reliability are almost unmatched by anything I’ve seen before or since.

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