Web Design

Bespoke Service Database

Home screen showing current work at the time. 
(Customer info blurred for privacy)

When Tech Help Ltd first set up shop, we used a series of paper forms to track customers, services and hardware details. This worked well but had several downsides. Most importantly It was difficult to look up past services. Also,┬átracking current ‘work on the bench’ required physical checks which proved to be prone to errors…. [ Read More ]


Procedural Dreams – This Very Website

The final logo

My portfolio site here at Procedural Dreams was initially a bespoke content management system to allow me to post my favourite 3D modelling renders and show them to friends and prospective clients. I then expanded it slightly to contain detailed descriptions, methods of contact and misc information. The previous iterations of the site were solid… [ Read More ]


Set Up and Grow

The final Wordpress-powered build handed over to the client in 2015

During a quiet time as a freelance 3D modeller I had created my online portfolio, a much earlier version of this current site. I had learnt the basics of PHP and MySQL to build myself a content management system to display my work. I was then commissioned to work on a similar system for a… [ Read More ]


Tech Help Ltd Website

The website as of early 2016

Once we had established our storefront and service areas at Tech Help it was important to have an online presence. The domain had been registered many years before by my colleague but only hosted a very simple page with a single image, akin to a business card. With my background in web design I created… [ Read More ]