BanaNAS – Homebrew Network Attached Storage

Interior - Messy but reliable

Since their release I have always been interested in the Raspberry Pi single-board computer and the numerous iterations and copycats that followed. One idea I had for using them was to build a low-power Network Attached Storage (NAS) to serve as a backup solution, media sharing centre and download client. I was already familiar with… [ Read More ]


Bespoke Service Database

Home screen showing current work at the time. 
(Customer info blurred for privacy)

When Tech Help Ltd first set up shop, we used a series of paper forms to track customers, services and hardware details. This worked well but had several downsides. Most importantly It was difficult to look up past services. Also,┬átracking current ‘work on the bench’ required physical checks which proved to be prone to errors…. [ Read More ]


McAfee / Norton Slowdowns

30% constant CPU usage

Dealing with many consumer-grade laptops and desktops often meant that we would see antivirus solutions that came as a free trial with the machine. The majority of these packages were supplied by Norton or McAfee and were far too intensive for the power of the machine. Some lower-tier machines, even in 2015, were single core… [ Read More ]


Raspberry Pi Media Center

The media centre and remote control

Myself and my friends regularly get together to watch films, usually of the ‘so-bad-it’s-good’ variety. We rotate locations for each film night and I am often in charge of picking and delivering the films. After a few of these nights I decided that I needed a more portable solution – some films were only available… [ Read More ]