Dust – Laptops and Desktops

Dust clogging the case and PCI slots

Dust has been the cause of numerous problems that I have solved over the years. Some machines were very old and had never been opened up. Others just came from dusty work environments such as printing specialists or woodworkers. This dust could clog fans, block vents and ultimately cause components to overheat or become noisy…. [ Read More ]


Memtest and Spinrite Diagnostics

Spinrite struggling with 1TB+ hard drives

Two of the most important tools I have used whilst diagnosing PC faults are the Spinrite and Memtest packages. Both tools are fundamentally similar and have been industry standards for a while. They work by writing sequences of data to their respective components (Spinrite to hard drives, Memtest to RAM) and reading those sequences back… [ Read More ]


Watercooling – Loop Cleaning

Noticible build-up of blue sludge

Since working on (and later building) my first water-cooled PC several years ago I have seen many different configurations from customers. Each of these required maintenance of some sort on a semi-regular basis, most commonly due to algae or corrosive buildup in the water loop. Other times a pump may have failed or a the… [ Read More ]