The Case of the Missing Fan

Spot the fan

Just when you think you’ve seen everything, some jobs catch you by surprise. This particular desktop PC had been checked out by my colleague who correctly diagnosed the symptoms (powering down after a minute or two) as an overheat. He dusted the case with air and re-pasted the CPU. The computer then seemed fine and… [ Read More ]


Triple Monitor Cable

Inside the junction box

My main home PC uses a triple monitor setup which originally hogged three mains power sockets all on its own. Combined with the PC itself and numerous peripherals this made for a messy floor space and a lack of sockets. In order to help tidy this up I created a custom triple monitor power cable… [ Read More ]


Water Damage Rescue – Acer Gaming Laptop

Water damaged power socket area before cleanup

Whenever I hear the words ‘I spilled a drink on it’ in relation to electricals I usually suck air through my teeth and prepare the owner for the worst. However on this occasion the client told me that he was willing to try anything to get the machine back into working order or recover his data at… [ Read More ]


Watercooled Gaming PC – Dual Loop

In progress - cabling and hose chaos

By far the most complex PC build I have ever taken part in. It was also my first exposure to water cooled PCs, a real jump into the deep end! The customer came to us with a budget for ‘the fastest machine you can build’. He also told us that his previous gaming PC, build… [ Read More ]


Watercooled Gaming PC – Single Loop Simplicity

Tubing layout testing

This is one of the more recent water cooled PCs that I have tackled. I designed and built this rig from the ground up myself. The customer specified a budget and since he was a long-standing customer he said that he trusted me to build something special, leaving me to my own devices. Definitely a rare… [ Read More ]


Watercooling – Built-in Loop Hardware Upgrade

New tubing and pencil scaffold

This machine had previously been a top-end gaming PC. The case has a water cooling loop built into it, complete with water reservoir, pump and radiator. When it came to me the water flow indicator was not moving, suggesting a blockage or pump failure. We were asked to investigate and if the case was still… [ Read More ]