2D and 3D Design

Star Trek: Gul Dukat

Render taken from the Mudbox viewport

One of my more complete sculpting ‘doodles’ is this bust of Gul Dukat, a character from Star Trek: Deep Space 9. I had always found the makeup of the Star Trek series very interesting, with strange aliens (with even stranger foreheads). Gul Dukat really stuck out as a strong character so I decided to attempt… [ Read More ]


Strike Gundam GAT-X105

Final render with textures and 'transfers' applied

This project is my far the most time consuming and complicated that I have undertaken to date. After joining a 3D modelling community I admired a lot of work people had completed based around Gundam and similar mech-based Anime shows. The sharp, angled designs offered a great opportunity to perfect my box modelling techniques. I… [ Read More ]