2D and 3D Design

Advertisements and Posters

Advertisement for local magazine

During my time at Tech Help we took numerous different approaches to marketing with┬áthe majority of these requiring the creation of graphics. Being on a tight budget I personally designed all of the company’s signs, leaflets, advertisements and posters. These graphics ranged from small A6 advertisements (pictured right) up to A1 posters for outdoor A-frame… [ Read More ]


Aircraft Hangar

Test render with basic materials applied

In order to improve my skills with lighting and rendering, I did some research into daylight systems in 3DSMax and Mental Ray. I needed a test environment decided to go with a building that uses large skylights, an aircraft hangar. I built a basic structure from reference pictures, keeping things fairly clean and simple with… [ Read More ]


Aston Martin DB9 Coupe

Front view

When I was first looking into 3D modelling as a hobby, many of the projects that inspired me to get started were photo-realistic car models. The combination of smooth curves and sharp edges really stuck out to me. The models even looked impressive as work-in-progress pieces. One wheel arch or front wing could look elegant… [ Read More ]


Dark Peak

In-game screenshot of the starting room

A large part of my final year at university was taken up by a project of my own choosing. The specification was that I had to make a computer game that showcased my competency in several fields including programming, modelling, level design, animation and sound. I had wanted an opportunity to create a modification (or… [ Read More ]


Ibanez GIO GSR200 Bass Guitar

Final render: bridge view

As a bass player for many years I’d always wanted to 3D model and bass guitar and during a quiet spell I decided to give it a go. I had the perfect reference image right in front of me, the guitar itself hanging on the wall. The modelling techniques used here were very similar to… [ Read More ]


Interior: Bedroom at Night

A render showing the typical through-the-door view

A string in many a 3D designers bow is the interior scene. There are many applications for interior visualisation so practice in this area is essential. To get my feet wet I decided to model the very room I was sitting in. This allowed me to have measurements and references at my fingertips for any… [ Read More ]


Modern Office

Test render showing bright sunlight

To further my studies into both interior scenes and daylight systems i decided to combine the two and create a virtual clean office space lit from a large window. For this project I created simple, minimalist furniture and concentrated more on scale, lighting and camera positioning. I used various different reference pictures to create an… [ Read More ]


Mudbox Tutorial – Alien

The scuplted head with contrasting materials applied

This character was my first exposure to Autodesk Mudbox. ‘Digital Tutors’ did a video tutorial series on sculpting and texturing an alien character and I followed it through carefully from start to finish. After the first few videos I decided to buy a cheap entry-level graphics tablet to help control the sculpting pressure and brush… [ Read More ]


Nokia e73 Mode

A clay render showing the final untextured model

An interesting commercial piece that I completed was this model of a Nokia mobile phone. The customer simply needed an accurate 3D model which would then be textured, rendered and sold as a standalone asset. Luckily there are many online resources for mobile phone blueprints and a final accurate model was easily achievable. The curves… [ Read More ]


Spectrum Properties Sale Animation

A frame taken from the middle of the video

This short video was created for a client who wanted an eye-catching short animation to use on their company’s homepage. The colour scheme was taken directly from the graphics used in the company logo.I kept the company up to date through each iteration of the initial design with lots of tweaks being made throughout. The… [ Read More ]