About Me

ICT Technician and all-round computing enthusiast from Derbyshire, England. I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2008 and spent two years in freelance 3D design and web development before becoming an IT Technician and later Director at Tech Help Ltd. Since my position was made redundant in May 2016 I have been learning new skills and searching for an interesting position in the IT industry.

My interest in computing stems from my hobbies as a child. I grew up with a keen interest in how everyday things work, nagging my parents with questions and wanting to get my hands dirty with everything. My favourite toys were Lego and Mechano, later on moving up to Technic Lego. This began to change when gaming consoles and personal computers arrived in my world. I instantly became fascinated with computers, computer games and their graphics, even in those days of low resolutions and 16 colours. This quickly lead to a desire for creating my own content for games and editing parts of them to see how they work, starting with classics such as Doom and Rollercoaster Tycoon. This led to wanting a faster computer for ever more demanding games. I learned the basics of performance tweaking, eventually upgrading the family PC hardware (with no small amount of trepidation from my Dad) and eventually moving onto build my very own, which I could experiment with, breaking and mending it as often as I liked: a tradition I keep to this very day.

Amongst many other interests are computer gaming, electronics, running, playing bass guitar and audio mixing. I enjoy all kinds of music, from various genres of metal and rock to funk, electronic and chiptune.